Jack Leonard, a slave from Tennessee came to the Marion County Area in  ________.   He took the Leonard name from his former slave master.  He met and married the love of his life Bina Davis (1824 - 1898).  To this union eight children were born.  These children were Charlie (1852), Matilda (1855), Peter (1856), Horris (1858) Satara (1865) , Lucy, Harriet, and Zack (1869). 

     Jack and Bina were farmers who worked very hard on the farm.  The oldest son, Charlie worked as hard as his father, Jack did.  Jack always instilled in his children to Work Hard, Stick Together and Believe in God. 


***CHARLIE LEONARD met and married the love of his life, Eliza Howard.  Charlie and  Eliza had nine known children; Ida, Susianna, Joe, John, Archie, Catherine, Ludia, Golder and George Washington.

Ida Leonard married Henry Cochran – Their children are Capitola, Hallie Ida Mae, John Henry, Maude, Allean and Liller.

Susianna Leonard married Frank Reed  - Their children are Blonza Channie

                                     Lee, Colean, Halberta, Delane, Lackawanny, and


Joe Leonard married Susie Burch – Their children are Josephine(male),

                                     Cicero, Flora, Hoyt, Hanna, George, Axeis

Golder Leonard married Preston Stevenson – Their children are Shorter,

                                     Lorenzer, Ida, Danie, Drucella, Benjamin, Preston, and


Ludia Leonard married Isiah Williams – Their child is Lugertie.

                                    Married John Bell – Their children are Malakia,

Lupearl, Illinois, Kallup (KP), Charlie and Mack.


John Leonard married Daisy Davis  -  Their children are Virginia, William,

                                    Sallie, Roberta, Nathaniel, Johnson, Elizabeth, Henry, 

and Maybelle.

Archie Leonard married Minnie Mack – Their children are Isabella, David,

                                    Janie, Alexena, Florrie, Sylvester, Mayola, Edith,

Doreatha, Archie Mack and Mary.

                        Catherine Leonard married Collier Williams – Their children are Isolene,

            Joe, Spencer, James, Clifton and Lucielle.

                        George Washington married Rosa _________  -  Their children are Vige and




(Note:  Bige’s son is Cicero; Cicero’s son is Sugar Ray LeonardCalvin’s son is Hilbert  ; Hilbert’s daughter is Fannie Leonard Simmons and Calvin's Daughter is Essie Leonard Brunson; Essie's son is Carl Brunson)



 ***MATILDA LEONARD met and married the love of her life, Edgar Scaber(Scarbough).  Matilda and Edgar had four known children; Sallie, Kate, Eddie and Lizzie.

                        Sallie Scaber married Joe Howard  -  Their children are Wayman, Sammie,

            Woodrow, Clemon and Sallie Mae.

                        Kate Scaber married Dave Crawford  -  Their children were Ozelma,

Everena, Robert, JC, Richard and Doretha.

                        Eddie Scaber married Hattie White – Their children were Wyona and Eddie


                        Lizzie Scaber married William Burch  -  Their children are Auzzie, Mamie

Lou, Bentley, Moses, Buddy and Walter.



***PETER LEONARD met and married his first wife, Harriet_________  -  Their children are Alfred, Dock, Maggie, Sam, Emma, Perlene.   


*** PETER LEONARD married his second wife, Evelyn Boatwright  -   Their children are Lorine, Willie, Frances, Marcella, Paul and Saul (twins) Christine, and PW (Phillip).


                        Alfred Leonard married Dessie Rowell  -  Their children are Clara,

Janice, Frances, Alfred Jr. Eddie, Peter and Charles Ray.

Dock Leonard married Lena Green  -  Their children are Gussie,  

                                     Florrie, Elease, Coot and Bobbie.

Maggie Leonard married Henry Legette   -   Their children are

Truluck(Norwood), Novella, Woodrow and FM.

                        Sam Leonard married Adaline Crawford -  Their children are

Almateen, Doris(Tag), Issac, Nick, Eugene, Malcolm,

Ethel(Monk), John(Buddy), Eunice(Susk), Cornelius, Lugertia, Jerry and Jerome

                        Emma Leonard married Howard Crawford  -  Their children are

Hayvern(Little Buddy), WC, Harvey and  Lou Pearl.

                        Perlene Leonard married Peter Green   -  They had no children,

but reared Alberta Green.


Peter’s Second Set of Children

                        Willie Leonard married Cornelia Crawford – Their child is Evelyn.  They

Also reared Willie Zack, Armae and Linda.

                        France Leonard married Henry Green  -  Their child is JC.


                        Marion Leonard married Boyd Gerald  -  Their children are Jimmy,

Shirley, James Ray(Dunk) Mack Ray(Shim), Willie

Marion(Peter) and Grady(Bubba).

                        Christine Leonard married  Lawson Crawford – Their children are James,

                                                            Betty, Willie Mae and Annette.


                        Marcella Leonard married  Paul T. Lockhart  -  Their child is Ann

                        Lorine Leonard married Sam McMillian -  Their children are Lillie Mae,

                                                            Elizabeth, MC, and Samuel.

                        Paul Leonard  -

                        Saul Leonard  -

                        PW(Phillip) Leonard married Alberta Turner.

                                      (Note:  PW changed his name to Phillip to go into the military.)




***ZACK LEONARD married his first wife Mollie __________ - They had no children.     

 Zack married his second wife Frances ____________ - They had no children, but reared Nina Leonard and Henry Gregg.

                        Nina Leonard married Henry Shaw Williams, Sr.  -   Their children are

Irene, Henry Jr. Mae Frances, and Laveria

                        Henry Gregg married Neter Livingston    -  Their children are

                                                            Sally, Cecile, LeGuster, Lee Oscar and LeRoy





***LUCY LEONARD married ____________Floyd  -  No children found


***HORRIS LEONARD married the love of his life, Delia Howard  -  Their children are Claudia, James, Gilmore, Mariah, Nora, and Odessa.

                        Claudia Leonard married Ada _______________  -  Their child is Eddie.

                        James Leonard married Connie Davis – Their children are Arthur Lee,   

Maceo, Naden, Mack, Marie, Richard Allen, Sarah, Romeo,  reared Lena Mae Leonard and Willie James Ford.

Gilmore Leonard married Auzzie Burch  -  Their children are Zimmerman,

Auzamonia, and reared Dorothy

                        Mariah Leonard married William “Bill” Davis   -  Their children are Cordie

and Troy

                        Nora Leonard married Pearly Reed   -  Their children are Ludelia, Ada Lee,

Hattie Bell, Annie Laura, Elizabeth, Zack, Leonard(Doll Baby), Richard(Buddy), and Mary Gladys

Odessa Leonard married Lorenzer Stevenson   -  Their children are Alma, Miami, Lorenzer Jr., Damon(Buster), Levern, Gracie, Donald,  Booker T. and Theodore(Squeeky).



***HARRIET LEONARD  married Henry Genwright   -   Their child is Harriet.

                        Harriet Genwright married Peter Johnson  -  Their children are Cicero,

Lane, Jetho, Gilbert, Monroe, Lucie Bell, Ida, Gurtrue




***SATARA LEONARD  married Gus Williams  -  Their children are Walter, Melvin, Isaiah, Jim and Valdosta

                        Walter Williams married Hattie Crawford  -  Their children are

                                                            Cooper, Willie(Duke) and Gus.

                        Melvin Williams married Frances______________   -  Their child is Carrie

                        Isaiah Williams married Ludia Leonard  -  Their child is Lugertie.

                        Jim Williams married  Missy _________________.  No children found

                        Valdosta Williams married Mary Evans  -  Their children are James,

Willie Joe , Fredrena ,  Roxanna, Eddie and Adeline.